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PQZATX Pet Interactive Toy Dog Feeder Dog Food Dispenser Treat Dispensing Ball Smart IQ Toy Leakage Food Ball Pet Puppy Play Game Chew Toy
  • Tumbler and Bell Design This is a tumbler toy. Your pet can push it gently for a long time. The tumbler and inside bell design will arouse cat's curiosity. perfect for interactive fun for most cats. A fun toy gives your mental and physical stimulation. The inside bell design excites pets from hearing, it is especially designed to produce a sound just enough to lure the pet and not loud enough to disturb you .
  • The lovely and cute appearance design makes both you and your pets can't help loving and playing it.
  • Perfect Design This transparent storage tank makes your pets to find the inside food directly.The special " Slow - Feeding " inner structure may control the speed of your pets eating, avoiding indigestion caused by overeating and protecting snacks from crushing, extending the playing time.And when you pull it,the food will fall out easily,your pet can eat while playing.
  • Multiple Use Relieving anxiety, loneliness, destroying behavior.Make your pet dog enjoy fun and snacks from pleasure.It is a good interactive toy for you to reward or accompany your pet
  • How to Prepare Open the toy.Put their loved food and snacks inside the storage tank of this toy.Close the toy.
PQZATX Fish Tank Plastic Aquarium CO2 Diffuser Tessellator Atomizer Dual Suction Cup
  • Super diffuse efficiency to get the best CO2 dissolved effect.
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Adopt fine ceramic that ensures CO2 is dissolved into water with highest efficiency.
  • Designed for screw lock on the CO2 tube, no need to worry the tube loose off by the pressure and caused damage.
  • Super Micro-hole atomization.
PQZATX Pet Tree Rope Swing Ball Scratching Post Climbing Frame Diy Assembled Interesting Toys
  • It improve your cats' mental development, make the more lively.
  • Toys Type:Climbing toy
  • , no odor, no formaldehyde, no toxic dyes.
  • High density board, better guarantee the stability of the climbing frame.
  • The will be more interested in toys, to cultivate affection between owners and cats.
PQZATX Pet Water Replacement Filter for Catit Flower Fountain Sense 2.0 & Zeus Dog Fountain Cartridges
  • This is factory sealed filter. ll brand new materials inside; Rinse & shake the filter under running water to clear way excess charcoal dust. bout 5 minutes !!
  • fresh water to your pet. the external polyester layer on each filter captures hair nd debris, the charcoal remove odors nd eliminates bad taste while the ion exchange resin softens hard water by eliminating magnesium nd calcium.
  • Unique design, make sure the material really filter the water inside the plastic disk
  • The filters help soften the minerals like magnesium nd calcium in the tap water to help prevent urinary tract diseases.
  • Same design Plastic Plate with same drain holes, but we tested the water flow is good. Our filter doesn't caused flooding on the top !!! ( except special circumstances )
PQZATX Ceramics Single Food Feeding Bowl Set For Flat Face Dogs/Cats, Double Non-Slip Design Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: black + coffee
  • Design concept: Anti-spill design for Dry Kibble or Wet Food Treat, less gas, makes it easier for dog to eat. Especially suitable for flat face & short nose breeds.
PQZATX Training Pads Toilet For Puppies And Small Pets, Square Pet Training Toilet With Tray For Small Dogs Potty Trainer Indoor Small
  • Size: 50*36cm
  • This pet toilet has two floors and can be easily cleaned. The mesh is fine and even, making it easy to drain liquid into a durable collection tray. It keeps your pet's feet dry and clean.
  • Material: pp plastic
  • A grate system that is easy to open and close will prevent the puppies from reaching the training mat or newspaper on the urinal support.
PQZATX Natural grass Toy, Hand Woven Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla Ferret Folding Straw Grass House
  • Dimensions: 12inch length, 8inch width, 9inch high. Suitable for medium to small rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla and other small animals. Please note that this is not suitable for large size rabbits!
  • 100 Percent hand woven, doesn't contains any toxins and is virtually allergen-free.
  • Most rabbit and guinea pig love chew and dig bed. This bed made of natural raw materials, Hand-woven grass, safe and edible. Your pet will love spending hours exploring, foraging and chewing in this hut.
  • This is unavoidable for your pet to dig up or graze. Please lead to care for your pet and prevent the foot injure.
PQZATX Rubber Durable Base Ball Dog Training Chewing Toy Pet Toys Food Ball Chew Toy, 2.8inch, blue
  • 2.DISPENSES TREATS - Fill the ball with your dog’s favorite treats, and let him retrieve them one by one! When he chews or rolls the ball, the treats will roll around inside the ball and fall out.
  • 1.INTERACTIVE FUN & DEVELOPS IQ - This interactive ball toy gives your furry friends hours of fun while also assiating their IQ and keeping them fit! Throw and fetch like any other ball, or let them chew on it and find the hidden treats. With all the benefits packed in a tiny body, this bouncy ball is here to make your pet's life better.
  • 3., Durable - Made of natural rubber, durable safe for your best friend to chew on.
  • 4.FOR HEALTHY TEETH - The soft and durable rubber massages the gums and helps keep the tooth enamel healthy.
  • 5.INTERACTIVE and FUN : Whether day or outdoors, This dog toys for small dogs allows you or your family to interact with your dog, Let your dog become more lively, Enjoy the fun and at the same time increase the feelings of you and your Dog.
PQZATX Kids Shock Absorbing Balance Stirrups Riding Stirrups Tread Stirrups
  • Provides optimun comfort for the leg position.
  • Description:
  • High Quality Plastic.
  • Safe,secure,durable.
  • Rubber Treads.
PQZATX New 1pcs pet puzzle gyro toy dog bite-resistant food ball Slow food molar toy blue
  • 3.Safety Materials -- Dog food ball made of high quality TPR material .,durable and safe food container for puppies.
  • 4.Healthy Life -- gyro design attract the attention of the dog. The dog's curiosity led him to explore the funny dog toy, reducing the boring and destructive behavior. Increasing the interactive fun by eating and playing.
  • 1.Dog Treat Ball-- Pet toy food ball designed for dogs and cats.The dog toy ball can let your smart dog or see, smell, hear it and found the snacks from the feeder.Increases IQ and Mental Stimulation.
  • 2.Slow Feeder Ball -- Your dog&will be in a puzzle about the food .They will do more work and physical activity to get the treats. The interactive food dispensing dog toy make them eat slowly.
  • 5.Easy Cleaning -- Interactive dog food dispenser washed each part with warm, sudsy water by hand.
PQZATX 6 x for Aqua-Tech Ez-Change #3 Aquarium Filter Cartridge Replacements
  • 3.Strong versatility
  • 4.They are easy to replace and are sturdy, so they are easy to handle.
  • 2.They're light weight, well made, and just as durable
  • 1.They fit the filter perfectly (no leaks around the edges) and do a great job of trapping even very small debris.
  • Name: Aquarium filter replacement
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