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14 Day Cat Litter Deodoriser, Eliminates Urine Odour and Smells, New Long-Lasting Anti-Bacterial Formula, Water-Based, 100% Safe for cats, kittens & rabbits - 200 ml by Positive Petcare
  • 100% Safe cat litter deodoriser - Water based antibacterial formulae.
  • Litter odour eliminator Neutralises pet odours in litter trays and gives long-lasting protection against harmful bacteria. Litter tray disinfectant Simply spray on litter tray daily and at weekly renewals - Kills 99.99% of all known germs.
  • Powered by Goldshield Technology - The most advanced solution on the market.
  • Cat urine remover Works brilliantly at neutralising the odours caused by cat urine.
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