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Pettiny 20 Cat Litter Tray Liners with Drawstrings Scratch Resistant Bags for Medium and Large Litter Box
  • 20 LITTER TRAY LINERS — Pack of 20 individually folded XL cat tray liners 87 cm x 41 cm ideal for medium and large litter trays up to 54 cm x 40 cm and perfect for multi-cat households. Our environmentally conscious cat litter liners are made using recycled materials.
  • EXTRA STRONG MATERIAL — Unlike other brands, Pettiny liners are made using a special polymer density blend for extra toughness. Our heavy-duty litter box bags are scratch, rip and tear resistant and strong enough to withstand even the most determined scratching.
  • QUICK, EASY AND HYGIENIC — With easy to use drawstrings so you can quickly clean your kitty's litter box with no spillage. Cleaning your cat's litter tray has never been easier; simply pull the drawstrings, tie shut and toss away. Keep your cat's litter pan and surrounding area clean.
  • LEAKPROOF BAGS — Our exceptionally thick litter box liners will prevent urine and unpleasant odours from sticking to your litter pan, extending the life of your tray. No scrubbing, no sticking, no mess. Enjoy a hassle-free cleanup.
  • PERFECT FIT — No matter what type of litter box your kitty prefers, our versatile cat tray liners can be used in covered or open litter boxes and are designed to be comfortably fitted into corner or odd shaped trays.
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