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HoneybeeLY Bite Sleeve Guard Dog Training, Bite Training Arm Protection with 2 Handles for Young Dog Fit Both Arms
  • Material: Quality jute / linen material , well constructed.
  • Design: Jute shield and form are stitched together, more sturdy and durable, most important,the biting part is soft no hard frame, which protect dog teeth and bite bone during biting work.
  • Handle Design: There are 2 confortabale handles and 1 loop, the handles position are farer from the edge and the biting part than other brand bite wedge, in case of hands get hurt by excited dog`s teeth, the loop is perfect working with a pushing leash.
  • Fit for german shepherd, pit bull, belgian malinois, rottweiler, etc.
  • Perfect for IPO, Schutzhund, Ring Sport, Police K9 and more.
HoneybeeLY Aquarium Filter Adjustable Fish Tank Filter Water Pump Ultra Silent High Energy Saving Air Pump for Fish Tank
  • Multiple filtration , high efficient water purification, cultivation of ecosystem, and water quality protection.
  • It can be used separately with submersible pump or with cylinder filter barrel.
  • Though transparent filter bucket , you can check the filter material and put filter material at any time.
  • 2 inner diameter 16mm/0.63in inlet and outlet control valves , adjust the flow speed.
  • Suitable for filtration of fish tanks below 0.4m/15.75in.
HoneybeeLY Catnip Fish Toys for Cat, Electric Cat Wagging Fish Pet Interactive Rechargeable Toys, Realistic Plush Toy Simulation Catnip Soft Gift for Pet Chewing, Teeth Cleaning, Perfect for Cat, Dog
  • 2020 Electric Cat Toy: This simulated fish can vibrate on its own like a real fish , and the cat will find more fun when playing.
  • Realistic and Interesting: Using 3D printing technology , the artificial fish looks very realistic. The cat toy will automatically flip or swing, in which the cats will be more interested when playing.
  • High-quality Materials: Made of cotton and short plush , the toy is soft and will not hurt the paw of the cat. Great for biting, chewing and kicking, and sleeping.
  • Catnip Toys: The fish-shaped toy is filled with catnip that can excite your cats and reduce their emotions and stress.
  • Take Better Care of Pets: This lively fish-shaped toy will bring a lot of fun to your cat and your cat will not feel lonely when you going out . It relieves their stress and reduces the desire to destroy furniture.
HoneybeeLY Aquarium Fish Net with Extendable 18-53cm Long Handle for Betta Fish Tank
  • Material: stainless steel + mesh
  • Fishing net diameter (Approx.): 4.5CM-5.0CM / 1.77-1.97in
  • Fishing net depth (Approx.): 6.0CM / 2.36in
  • Retractable length (Approx.): 18CM-53CM / 7.09 * 20.87in
  • Fiber rod length (Approx.): 55CM / 21.65in Handle fiber rod length (Approx.): 46CM / 18.11inStainless steel rod length (Approx.): 47CM / 18.50in
HoneybeeLY Cube Bird Bathtub Bath Box Bowl Cage Accessory for Bird Parrots Crested Myna
  • Good for Health: The bathtub helps your birds maintain good hygiene. It encourages natural grooming! Bathing is good for bird health , not only for removing feather dust and parasites, but also for moisturizing the skin and helping birds to dissipate heat.
  • Safety Guarantee: The bathtub is made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-additive materials , and leak-free design can be assured that pets will not disturb the floor during play and bath.
  • Durable Material: Made of strong acrylic material , the bathtub is light weight, which features good transparent vision for easy to observe the behavior of bathing.
  • Easy Installation: Separate and assemble up and down for easy cleaning. It comes with mounting screws . The bath tub is connected to the inside or outside of most large cages.
  • Suitable Bird: The bathtub is 13 * 14 * 14cm, which is suitable for all kinds of birds , including finches, robin, woodpeckers, blue birds, goldfinch, small and medium parrots, parakeets, love birds, sun conure and many more!
HoneybeeLY Far Infrared Ceramic Insulation Light Heating Lamp Heater Reptile Pet Tortoise/Snake/Cat/Dog/Breeding Heat Lamps E27 220-230V 25w
  • E27 pet Ceramic heat lamp
  • The ceramic heating soaks is one kind of infrared sources,has one kind of similar natural sunlight heat radiation.
  • The radiator produces the long wave infrared heat radiation can effectively the warm reptilia animal.
  • The lamp has promoted in the rearing tray temperature.
  • Infrared hot may penetrate the skin organization,expands the blood vessel,the promotion blood circulation,the enhancement health and accelerates to be restored to health.
HoneybeeLY Pet Carrier, Cat Dog Puppy Travel Hiking Camping Pet Carrier Backpack, Space Capsule Bubble Design,Waterproof Soft-Sided Handbag Backpack for Cat and Small Dogs
  • Comfortable and breathable. Thanks to the simple air circulation inside, the pets can travel comfortably. Suitable for all cats and small dogs.
  • Transparent cover. High-density Alec material is scratch-resistant, safe and non-toxic, transparent and clear. Pets can see the outside environment.
  • Alloy vent holes. Add 3 metal openings on the front of the bag to prevent the pet from clogging in the bag. Thickened back cushion. Thickened S back pad design.
  • PC case + Oxford fabric. It has the properties of wear-resistant and sun protection, scratch-resistant, and the color is bright and smooth texture.
  • Fashionable edge. The expanded edge design makes the backpack look more stylish and simple. Non-slip grip, rubber jacket on the hand, more comfortable and labor-saving.
HoneybeeLY 2 Pack Fish Shaped Cat Toothbrush with Catnip, Pet Eco-Friendly Silicone Teeth Grinding Chew Toys Molar Stick Teeth Cleaning Toy for Cats
  • Upgraded Bite-resistant Material: Catnip toys are made of high-quality silicone and TPE. Compared with the market style , they are more durable and safe.
  • Cat Toothbrush Toy: Chewing this toy can help your cat clean teeth and eliminate bad breath. The smell of catnip can alleviate the cat's mood , which is the cat's favorite.
  • Fish-shaped Design: The cat-shaped toothbrush is cute and can easily attract the attention of the cat. The small holes on both sides of the catnip toy make the cat more susceptible to the smell of catnip.
  • Easy to Clean: Catnip can be removed and removed from the fish belly. The silicone material is very easy to clean and dry and can be used repeatedly.
  • Practical for Use: Cat toys can better build a good relationship with them , perfect for chewing and kicking.
HoneybeeLY Fish Shaped Cat Toothbrush with Catnips, Pet Eco-Friendly Silicone Teeth Grinding Chew Toys Molar Stick Teeth Cleaning Toy for Cats
  • Cats Toothbrush Toy: Chewing this toy can help cats clean their teeth and eliminate bad breath. The smell of catnip, cat's favorite,can alleviate their mood.
  • Safe Material: Catnip toys are made of high quality silicone, which is safe, non-toxic , durable and not easily damaged.
  • Fish-shaped Design: The fish-shaped toothbrush is so cute that can easily attract the attention of cats . The small holes on both sides of the toy can make cats smell catnip easily.
  • Easy to Clean: The catnip can be removed from the belly of the fish . The silicone material is very easy to clean and to dry and reusable.
  • Suitable Size: The toys measure 140*50*30mm in size , very suitable for chewing and kicking. Cats can establish better relationship with them.
HoneybeeLY Kitty Camp Cat Tent Teepee Bed Dog Puppy Play Tent Kennels Pet Cave Bed Play House Washable Canvas(With Pad)
  • Premium Material: The tent features 100% durable cotton canvas, and it features the loose rod, and it features the durable structure, and the tent can be washed by washing machine.
  • Fine Appearance: The Indian tent is suitable for pets , it can be a pet's own tent and a nest.
  • Package Including: The package includes the cotton Canvas Tent , wooden stick, game pad and manual.
  • Proper Size: The wooden stick measures about 65cm/25.59in in length , and its diameter is about 20 inches, and it is compact, and it is suitable for pets below 7 kg / 15 pounds.
  • Fine Craft: This is a unique American Indian design that will fit your home decor and easily blend into your living space.
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