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GUOYIHUA Marimo Moss Balls - Aesthetically Beautiful Create Healthy Environment - Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance Curbs Algae Growth - Shrimps Snails Love Them
  • The Temperature: Avoid temperature of 29°C or higher. It is a slow growing plant, however its growth rate will be expedited at a temperature of between 20°C to 25°C.
  • Easy to Live: With minimal storage space and low maintenance. A little love goes a long way! Water change is recommended once a month. It makes your tank much more plant!
  • Helpful: The 4 LUFFY Moss Balls are live plants that absorb nitrates. Fish excreta, debris, phosphate, and ammonia disturbs the natural ecosystem of the water tank. If the natural Moss Ball moss ball is present in the water tank, they suck the toxic material. These balls thus, help in creating a natural and thriving atmosphere for the aquatic species.
  • Note: When it grows, simply roll the Moss Ball on your palm gently in a circular direction. Keep it away from heat. Avoid direct sunlight as it will support algae growth in the bottle.
  • Unique: Moss Ball is a species of filamentous green algae (Chlorophyta) found in a number of lakes in the northern hemisphere. Moss Ball is a special growth form of the species where the algae grow into round green balls with an adorable velvety appearance. Colonies of such balls are only known to form in Iceland, Scotland, Japan and Estonia and are protected in both Japan and Iceland.
GUOYIHUA Wireless Remote Control RC Rat Toy,Remote Control Electronic RC Wireless Rat Mouse Toy for Cat Dog Pet Novelty Gift
  • Amazing: Made of Plastic flocking, flocking mice lifelike, even more realistic.
  • Useful: Cute electronic mouse toy With 2 modes: Go forward backward.
  • Fantastic: Funny Electronic Mouse Toy with Remote Control.The owner can remotely flirty very well in love cats and dogs, they could catch and will go crazy.
  • A real Size: 8.65" x 2.95" x 2.26" Mouse powered by 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (batteries not included). Controller powered by 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries (batteries not included).
  • Helpful: Rat Toy will keep your cats busy and positively engaged with you and the world around them while exercising their unique instinctual needs. Enrich the life of your cat, and “bring the wild inside”!
GUOYIHUA Aquatic Pet Supplies,Glowing Effect Artificial Fake Jellyfish for Fish Tank Decoration Ornament
  • Artificial Aquatic Plants - Your friends will be astonished when seeing your aquarium and think they see a real jellyfish, it's your good choice to send a gift to your family and friends.
  • Beautiful Fish Tank Aquarium Decoration - These Jellyfish ornaments capture the beauty and graceful movement of natural jellyfish which are nearly impossible to keep in an aquarium.
  • Easy Installation Artificial Jellyfish - Simply apply the ornament to the tank wall or bottom; the jellyfish is tied by thin invisible line and suction cup. It has glowing effect under actinic lighting.
  • Colorful Sea World - Each jellyfish is 2 x 5.9 inches, pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, and green 6 pieces of small jellyfish ornaments, it is great hiding place for tropical fish and adds interesting decor to any fish tank.
  • Environmental Protection Artificial Jellyfish Ornament - Soft silicone material is safe for all your fish. Nontoxic and odorless, no matter whether you have a freshwater or saltwater tank, our ornaments will never harm your fish.
GUOYIHUA Flea And Tick Collar Anti Flea Adjustable Natural Herbal Non-toxic Flea Collar For Pet Dog Cat size 38cm
  • Best Flea And Tick Prevention For Pet:Scratching? Gnawing? Irritating? Yelling? He is under the suffering of the fleas lice and other pests.Try our flea and tick collars for dogs to save them from the pests. Flea collar for Dogs by Beloved Pets kills fleas and ticks immediately. No chance for fleas and ticks!
  • Safe Eco-friendly:Our dog flea collar doesn't contain any toxic chemicals and we commit of totally applying Natural Plant Extract for the collar to provide a reliable prevention for your pets, the improved hypoallergenic collar formula is 100% natural and provide 8 months protection.
  • Waterproof Design:Waterproof design make it effective in wet environment and waterproof material can ensure not lose effect. Don't worry about getting destroyed by bath time, rainstorm or playing on the beach. What's more, the flea collar for dogs is allergy-free which will protect your dog's skin!
  • Various Sizes For Choice :The long size is suitable for large and small dogs. One size can fit all to suit a range of dogs breeds of varying weights and sizes. Just cut off the excess dog flea collar and put the rest on the mat of your dog for extra protection.
GUOYIHUA Animal Bed Stump Type Hamster Warm Nest Small Pet Squirrel Sleeps Guinea Pigs Cages
  • Applicable animals: hamsters, parrots, Dutch pigs, kittens, chinchillas and so on.
  • Warm: Nice shed for its heat preservation to keep your small pet away from the cold,especially in winter. Cave the top of the three buckles, you can hang at the top of the cage can also be directly on the cage.
  • WASH: Warm or cool water; Using a gentle cycle or hand washing; Mild detergent free of enzymes, phosphates, and chlorine; Using the low heat setting on your dryer or air dry them.
  • MATERIAL AND SIZE: Made of thick flannel plush material, soft, warm, also absorbent and easy to wash.
  • DESIGN: One side a hole opened, it is very warm and soft clothing for your pets comfort, very convenient to wash.
GUOYIHUA Electric Bird Flying Around The Flower Beautiful Pet Cat Teasing Toys
  • Note: Random delivery, so we do not offer style choice.
  • Fantastic: This fun and interactive, battery operated cat toy will encourage your cat to act upon their natural hunting instincts and chase the bird.
  • Durable material: the toy is made of quality plastic and steel wire, sturdy and durable, not easy to break, your lovely pets can play it for a long time.
  • Attracting pet's attention: the vivid butterfly can rotate in 360 degrees, attracting pets attention, they spend boring time at home lonely, the toy can help to promote pets health.
  • Simple to operate: there is a switch on the bottom for operating, easy and convenient to switch on and off, saving power for longer service life.
GUOYIHUA 1 PCS Portable Mini Digital LCD Indoor Convenient Temperature Sensor Humidity Meter Reptile Pet Thermomet Hygrometer Gauge(Random colors)
  • Modeling simple, elegant, LCD panels inline connections, moisture-resistant, strong anti-interference.
  • Compact design indoor hygrometer thermometer, allows you to easily read the environmenal temperature and humidity at real time.
  • Temperature range: -50 °C ~ +70°C with accuracy of ±1°C; Humidity range: 10~99%RH with accuracy of ±5%RH.
  • Features with clear LCD disply and numbers only indication, it's easy for you to read even from a far distance. Also It can be decently placed in any flat surface like the clock.
  • Perfect for home, office, babyroom, greenhouse, humidors, car, schools, hotels, laboratories, kindergartens, aquaculture, instrument workshop, libraries, schools..etc.
GUOYIHUA Plastic Bird Fruit Hamster Toys Set On The Cage Convenient Feeder Supplies Device Pin Clip Fruit Fork Pets Supplies
  • Suitable: Large size fruit fork, easy to be hung in the cage.
  • Useful: Can hold meat fruit snacks etc. suitable for all kinds of parrots, dog, cat, hamster etc.
  • Convenient: Convenient and ideal to hold your pet birds or small caged animals’ fruits and snakes in place.
  • Funny: Filling with toy parts for chewing, shredding and playing.
  • Size: Small: 1.6 x 3.2cm (0.63" x 1.26"), large: 2.2 x 4.2cm(0.87" x 1.65").
GUOYIHUA 10 Pack Cat Nutrition Candy Pet Snacks Catnip Taste Energy Ball Toy Taste Solid Candy
  • ★ Cats treat sugar balls rich in nutrients such as deep sea fish gelatin, protein and trace elements.
  • ★ Essential vitamins and minerals help support the healthy growth of cats
  • ★ Cats can increase the amount of drinking water and promote food digestion by licking sugar, which is beneficial to the urinary system.
  • ★ There is a transparent lid on the top.You could decide when your cat can lick it, and keep the sugar clean.
  • ★ Essential vitamins and minerals help support the healthy growth of cats
GUOYIHUA Fish Tank Aquarium Simulation Starfish Aquarium Landscape Decoration
  • Higfh quality: made from resin,it is non-toxic and has no effect on water quality.
  • Specially designed: fish can hide and pass through the hole safely,no rot or any algae problems.
  • Good function: change your aquarium into a beautiful scenery.Decorate one of a small aquarium that looks wonderful.
  • Easy to use: itself is clean,no need cleaning before being put into the aquarium.
  • Wide using range: aquarium landscaping. decktop decration,photography props and so on.
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